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Listen to music by Kavon Jacobs here @iamkavon

Kavon Jacobs "Get My Shit Together'' available here   Click For Radio Click for promotion
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Remember “Last Summer” with DPMTC X PWRS @SmittyTHC @SuperxPowers

Dont forget about “Last Summer by DPMTCxPWRS” Embrace the summer this year but don’t forget about the last summer. Get the “Last Summer” below, this track has numerous hitters that will keep your summer lit. Listen below:
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Place your product where it can be seen publically

Online product placement can help your brand more now You might not know it but when you see those brands in movies in TV shows some ole product placement. Yes, the word product placement means have your product placed in a scene or event as a way to create brand
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Want to gain more fans and get your music heard

Get your music heard by those who’s waiting to hear it Nowadays your music can reach a global scale at a rate you could imagine. Music is one of Americas biggest export product so why not receive this great influences and music outlets. The music is universal and can be
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